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Other Services

We also have several other services which could benefit you to lead an independent lifestyle.These are in addition to offering a wide and varied range of high quality care and support services, ensuring the best of care to our clients.

Peace of mind all the time

When your loved one receives care, it is important to know they are in safe hands. Caring People gives you this information at a touch of a button. Our digital platform allows carers to provide updates on the services they deliver and the care received by our clients. This means you can keep up-to-date on how your loved one is doing, wherever you are. You can also learn more about your carer, make any requests to our team, schedule visits and even manage payments seamlessly - it’s care made easy.

For more information please call on +91 9020 599 599 or email us to info@caringpeople.in

Nowadays, most elderly people value their independence and wish to stay in their own homes for as long as possible however close family members will always want to be feel that their parents or relatives are OK.
Therefore, Caring People is developing a range of services that bring peace of mind to those who care but facilitates Independence without Isolation for those they care about.

  • 1. Daily Call

    One of our friendly agents will make daily telephone contact with an elderly person to ensure all is well and keep a family member up-dated.

  • 2. Welfare Visits

    We can arrange for a regular 15 minutes to an elderly individual living on their own. To confirm they are OK or for example taken medication, reminding someone to eat and drink.

  • 3. Support Work

    Our support workers can provide you with a wide range of support like Shopping- The Shopping Support Service supports older people to remain independent via the provision of their shopping through a trusted source. Transport- If you want to go to the bank, to visit a friend or a hospital appointment, our support workers are happy to accompany you. If your requirement is not on this list, we can probably still help, give us a call.

For more information please call on +91 9020 599 599 or email us to info@caringpeople.in

daily Hot meal service

Sometimes, shopping and cooking for yourself or a loved one can become a strain. Caring People takes the effort out of mealtimes by delivering delicious, nutritious, piping-hot meals, direct to your door. 7 days a week between 12 PM to 2 PM.

  1. Our service is available to anyone
  2. Ideal for those recently out of hospital who are unable to cook for themselves.
  3. Takes away the strain of shopping and cooking
  4. Delicious, piping hot and ready to eat meals delivered direct to your door.
  5. Helping elderly people enjoy good health and nutrition.
  6. Friendly deliveries you can trust and rely on
  7. A friendly face, calling in daily
  8. Different diets

We cater for a variety of diets including vegetarian, low fat, gluten free, reduced sugar or for conditions such as dysphagia or dementia.
We also cater for people with food allergens or eating difficulties and create menus that avoid certain ingredients or are soft and puréed.
Soft and Puréed range
If you or your relative have swallowing and eating difficulties associated with dysphagia or dementia, our soft and puréed range is the perfect choice.
We offer a wide range of delicious soft and puréed meals and desserts with a consistent texture and high nutritional value.
Our soft and puréed range includes vegetarian, reduced sugar, gluten free, dairy free and moderate salt options.

For more information please call on +91 9020 599 599 or email us to info@caringpeople.in

Our Hairdresser will come in to your own home bringing the salon to you.

Whether it is for a Haircut or a Wet shave, It is not always that easy to get out to the salon especially if you need a little helping hand or if illness or disability restricts you mostly at home.

You may have a parent, relative or friend perhaps living on their own who could really benefit from a regular visit from a hair dresser.

Our Hairdressers do have the expertise to make hair look great and love to have a chat and even more importantly for all hairdressers – They are good listeners.

We still love to find that perfect style and always allow plenty of time for each appointment.

For more information please call on +91 9020 599 599 or email us to info@caringpeople.in

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