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Doctor Visits

We have a panel of highly skilled specialist doctors available for consultation, thus making your life easy. Many patients believe that if they need to consult a doctor they need to go to hospitals or clinics and wait for ages to get an appointment. However at Caring People this is not the case, our Doctors are always happy to come into your home because we believe this is where the best care can be provided. If the patient is confined due to illness, disability or when they need an urgent treatment, a home visit is the quicker and the best option ever. Using a visiting doctor saves you the hassle of going out and sitting around in a waiting room surrounded by potentially contagious illnesses. Instead you can stay in the warmth and comfort of your own home.
All our doctors are exceptionally proficient and are usually able to give a prompt, professional diagnosis and offer the appropriate treatment on the spot. Diagnosing the problem early and receiving proper medication cut shorts the time spent unwell and can improve the speed of recovery, as the illness doesn’t have a chance to take hold. If it is not possible to identify or treat the problem immediately, our doctors will carry out further tests, or refer the patient to the appropriate specialist. We have an extensive network of contacts across the vast majority of medical disciplines. Getting the right diagnosis and treatment swiftly can have a big effect on eventual outcomes. Our Doctor Visit service is designed in such a way that you get a doctor when you want, where you want.


Note: Whilst we aim to respond promptly, we are not an emergency service. In an emergency, you should go to the nearest hospital immediately. Typical reasons for going to a hospital include:
  • Severe breathing problems.
  • Chest pain and heart attacks
  • Severe bleeding
  • Major trauma
  • Drug overdose
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Head injuries
  • Lack of consciousness
  • Severe burns or scalds
  • All Broken bones
  • Severe abdominal pain